10 Reasons to Invest

A sound investment climate grounded in the rule of law

Foshan investment climate is grounded in the rule of law. Since the beginnings of China’s opening-up and reform process, Foshan has considered foreign investment a vital economic development tool. The City’s traditionally sound business environment has contributed to the success of thousands of Chinese and foreign enterprises. Foshan government also pays great attention to how business regulations are implemented. Rather than being an obstacle-creator, the local government is committed to positively affect private sector development and to be its best ally by creating stability. Foshan also benefits from Guangdong’s strong economic growth, as well as from China’s intelligent and extensive networks of international business agreements. This includes bilateral investment and double taxation avoidance treaties with over 100 countries and free trade agreements with some of the most dynamic economies of the globe. Either you are from Asia, Europe, Oceania or the Americas, Foshan is is your best choice to tap the Chinese market.

Strategic Location

Foshan is situated at the heart of the Pearl river Delta region, in Guangdong province, one of the largest global economic powerhouses and traditionally a place at the forefront of opening up and reform process. In 2016, Guangdong's GDP reached 1.2 trillion USD, larger than that Austria, Norway and the Netherlands. Additionally, Foshan is strategically next to Guangzhou, and within a 2-hour drive from Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The City is also the most cost effective locations of South China.

Infrastructure Built for Business

Foshan solid infrastructure makes it a great choice for setting up your business. Highways and Railway Systems have been recently upgraded. Due to its proximity to Guangzhou, the two cities share transportation and telecommunication systems. It only takes a 35 min drive to get to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport from Foshan via Airport Expressway. Private sector has invested in over 500 infrastructure projects, including power generation, rubbish incineration plants and waste water treatment facilities. By 2024, Foshan will have completed 11 metro lines.

A Place to Live in

Foshan has created world-class living facilities, diverse entertainment and international schools and hospitals. Lakes, mountains and resorts are only some of the alternatives. Foshan offers to enjoy relaxing moments. There are several urban open spaces across the city. In 2015, Qingdenghu Lake was awarded for the best Open Urban Space by ULI Urban Land Institute.

Strong Local Market

Foshan GDP per capita is higher than Shanghai’s and even some European Union members. Not only does the city have a population of nearly 8 million, but also this population has the purchasing power to match international markets. Also, Foshan is located in Guangdong, China’s economic powerhouse. From Foshan you can reach over 60 million customers in less than two hours.

Vast Talent Pool

Foshan has a vast talent pool for a different set of industries, from manufacturing to financial and modern services, information technologies and R&D. The city's integrated market-oriented educational system guarantees access to highly qualified and highly productive human resources. The strong network of universities, technical and vocational colleges helps multinational corporations, SME's and entrepreneurs to empower their business by training individuals with the skills global market requires.

Industrial Clusters

Industrial clusters are a strong economic development engine in Foshan. There are over 20 industrial development zones equipped with cutting edge technology. From bio-science and financial services to electronics and retail, the city's modern business parks are an ideal place to establish your business base in Guangdong and China.

Innovative Investment Incentive Policies

Foshan government has designed several investment incentives instruments including tax breaks at the city and district level, preferential financing programs, free office space provision and governmental grants.

Integrated Region

Foshan actively promotes the integration with its neighbors. The city government is currently implementing the Guangzhou -Foshan-Zhaoqing Economic Circle Development Plan 2010-2020. The economic circle's GDP accounts for almost 50% Pearl River Delta Region's total. In addition, cooperation between Hong Kong, Macau and Foshan has grown exponentially. Projects such as the Guangdong Hi-Tech Service Zone for Financial Institutions position de city as an advantageous back-office service center for Hong Kong.

Home to Chinese "Global Champions"

Chinese enterprises will be one of the major transformative forces of the global economy in the years to come and Foshan is home to some of the most successful ones. Midea, China’s leading home appliances manufacturer, Haitian, the world’s largest flavoring company or Country Garden, one of the most renowned real estate developers of Asia, are only three examples.