Global Talent Ready to Recruit

Foshan City has a long history for attracting migrant workers from across China, enriching the local talent pool by providing high-quality labour resources. The city’s high wages and high standards of social security have been a top attraction for migrant skilled labourers for decades. With a history of high-wages, Foshan is under less pressure than its neighbouring and counterpart cities to increase wages.

Quality of Talent

The city’s internal institutions and talent resources are more than capable of supplying the human resource needs of companies based in the city. Foshan has cultivated a highly skilled labour force, prepared both for advanced manufacturing and high-tech modern industries. The Foshan University is actively involved in promoting institution-industry integration, providing more than 90,000 intellectuals to projects that have directly contributed to the city’s industrial and economic development .

Over 50,000 technical graduates enter the Foshan workforce each year, graduating from colleges with exceptionally high post-graduate employment rates, and a high level of employer satisfaction. 30% of the population have at least 2-4 years of tertiary education, higher than the national average, and competitive globally.

International Talent

The city government itself has recruited a professional foreign team, becoming the first local government in China to do so.