Foshan: An Overview

Foshan is one of the most developed cities in China. Ideally located at the heart of Guangdong Province and occupying a central position within the Pearl River Delta, Foshan is located to the west of Guangzhou and to the north of Hong Kong and Macao. As an integrated metropolitan region, Foshan is set to become the epicentre of Guangdong’s high-end manufacturing industries.

Foshan has benefited from the reformist attitude of Guangdong as a whole, which has created the perfect provincial investment climate within which Foshan City has thrived. It is home to many industries; it is also home to a particularly wealthy and increasingly brand-aware consumer market. Foshan has access to each of the major consumer cities in the region. Foshan is comprised of five districts: Chancheng, Nanhai, Shunde, Sanshui and Gaoming and has a permanent population of 7.26 million, but the city’s two-hour economic circle encompasses 65 million of China’s wealthiest consumers.

Not only has Foshan developed an incredibly valuable consumer market but also surprisingly strong private sector. Its GDP per capita is higher than Shanghai or Beijing. As referenced by the Economist and the Fung Global Institute, there is around 1 private enterprise per 20 residents in Foshan. A strong private sector is supported by equally strong manufacturing industries, which have driven the city’s growth for centuries, and currently accounts for 59.2% of the city’s GDP.

The modern manufacturing industry develops rapidly in Foshan, and the logistics, exhibition and commercial services boast tremendous business opportunities. Overseas investors can not only purchase high quality commodities at reasonable price, but also build up business or seek ideal business partners here. With Foshan as a portal, they can expand business to huge Chinese and in South East Asian markets to enjoy the great development opportunities from high speed growth of emerging economies.