Industrial Clusters

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Foshan promotes the use of industry clusters to improve effciency and reduce the cost of manufacturing. The promotion of industry clusters allows for a well structured process of resources allocation, from labour supply to site management services.

Major international institutions such as the Mckinsey Global Institute and the Fund Global Institute have identified the strength and success of Foshan’s industrial clusters.

Currently, Foshan has four national-level development zones and 12 provincial-level clusters. It has 26 special industrial bases at the national level. 41 industrial capital and towns, and 37 professional towns.

The city’s industry clusters provide a complete supply chain for a specific industry, reducing both transport and procurement costs from manufacturers in the city.

The Clusters will:

• Identify and promote industrial interactions

• Create partnerships with other relevant trade bodies

• Improve industry networks and connectivity particularly with SMEs

• Increase industry attractiveness

• Bring focus to lobbying activities by maintaining a voice of the industry to Government, young people, community & employees

• Provide strategic directions through industry leadership

• Develop the green industry agenda

• Champion skills development

• Identify business opportunities and promote member to member business

• Lead the development of major investment & innovation themes

• Identify gaps and be the inward investment hub for the sector

• Be a Voice for the Industry