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Shi Liang

Intellectual Property Department Director, Foshan City Intellectual Property Association

What are some of the legal issues you see foreigners and foreign companies dealing with?

What are some of the legal issues you see foreigners and foreign companies dealing with?

Recently, patent infringement cases have been on the decline, but there are two common issues I see foreigners dealing with in terms of IP. Software copyright issues such as piracy of well known software like CAD and PS, and also plagiarism issues. Both these issues can be prevented with the right legal protection. Foreign companies can seek assistance from the Foshan Rights Associations and also the legal division of the Foshan Municipal IP Office for software copyright issues related to domestic enterprise. It’s recommended for Foreigners to apply for a design patent in China, that way a design cannot be plagiarised.

How has Foshan proven suitable for the development of your legal career?

The economic development in Foshan is one of the healthiest in world. More and more enterprises are starting to focus on innovation and adjusting to market changes. At the same time, the government is promoting enterprise development by pouring more resources into research and innovation. These major changes directly correspond to intellectual property protection, technical intelligence, intellectual property legal risks, and other issues that IP lawyers will encounter. There is a growing number of opportunities and challenges for legal professionals to work on.

How does Foshan companies to other cities for successfully protecting the IP of companies?

In this regard, the contribution from the municipal government, Foshan IP Association, local ad service professionals cannot be overstated. Their funding and support for policy, IP training services, and expert personnel have made enterprises much more aware of their legal rights and the necessary steps to ensure IP protection. Foshan’s dedication to IP protection has also promoted the development of IP rights in the region, more and more corporate intellectual property professionals are taking notice.

Translated from Chinese.