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Joy Fleming

Chinese Academy of Sciences in Foshan

How did you end up working with Foshan?

How has your industry developed in South China?

What are your department aims, do you see a future in Foshan?

How did you end up working with Foshan?

I started working at the Institute of Biophysics (CAS) in Beijing in 2008, but have been in China for 18 years. For the last five, I have worked with a group of scientists doing research on tuberculosis. When my colleagues formed TB Healthcare, a spin-off company based in Foshan that is translating some of our research breakthroughs into a line of products that will help to improve TB treatment, prevention and control, I joined the company to manage the international office. I've been impressed with the quality of the environment in the Foshan New City. It is a great city to live a mix of history and forward looking modernity. Transport to Guangzhou and from there to the rest of China is convenient, Foshan is a great base. 

How has your industry developed in South China?

The biomedical and biotechnological industries are growing rapidly in China. In the 3+ years that TB Healthcare has been in Foshan, we've received excellent support from both the local government and investors. When TB Healthcare moved to the Sino- European Services Center last year, we set up an international business incubator to provide the technical and financial support services that new enterprises need to succeed in translating research-based innovations into successful products. There are already a number of excellent companies in the incubator which are ready to receive investment.* The TB Healthcare group is also constructing a Bio Park in Shunde which is due to open in 2017. This will provide a much larger set of incubator, accelerator and production facilities to serve the growing biomedical industry in the region, and naturally will also provide excellent opportunities for investors.

What are your department aims, do you see a future in Foshan?

The international office at TB Healthcare Group provides a range of support services for the companies within our group to develop their presence internationally, from arranging marketing campaigns to hosting visitors to scouting for top biomedical projects and enterprises that may be interested in entering our facilities. I really enjoy working in Foshan and my job is definitely growing and developing, so I can see myself in Foshan for quite some time, watching the biomedical industry grow in this region.