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Andreas Dick

President of FAW-Volkswagen, Foshan Facility

Why is Foshan so important to Volkswagen's development plants in China?

What were the top reasons for choosing Foshan as a base for an auto-production facility?

How have you conformed to the environmental aims of the Foshan government?

Why is Foshan so important to Volkswagen's development plants in China?

The plant here in Foshan is one of the most modern plants of Volkswagen. The layout is the newest concept of the Volkswagen standard factory, and we have a very high level of automation. For example we have an automation level in the bodyshop of 70%, which is one of the highest in China, maybe even the highest. And this shows that we do a lot with automation. Industry 4.0 is a very important project especially for Volkswagen, and we are working together on this with our headquarters in Wolfsberg and in Ingolstadt together with Audi and Volkswagen. We have had a very good experience with our investment here in Foshan. Mostly because we got very high support from the government, this was a main factor in the implementation of the factory, and in building the factory in such a short amount of time. So overall, we had a lot of support, and no problems regarding, for example, electricity or water or gas supply.

What were the top reasons for chossing Foshan as a base for anauto-production facility?

One thing is of course the market in Guangdong Province, which is a very developed area of China, which is a great market for our cars. The other thing is that there is a very good logistic infrastructure here, the harbour’s very close, the highway infrastructure. Another factor is when it comes to living, its actually a nice place to live. When you bring expats from other countries into a place, you need to consider that you need a good living environment, you need schools, you need healthcare, and all of these things are very good here in this area. And these are all important factors. From my point of view I would definitely recommend investing here. This is underlined by the fact that we are now doubling our factory and doubling our capacity here in Foshan.

How have you conformed to the environmental aims of the Foshan govemment?

We did a lot from the beginning, to get the “Most Environmentally Friendly Factory” in China. This was also shown by the fact that we are the first factory in China that got the Chinese Green Building Award, with Three Stars. We invested a lot, for example, in the paint-shop in a system which allows us to run the paint-shop without liquid paint waste. We have a solar installation on the roof, with a capacity of 10 megawatt. We are planning a second for Foshan Phase 2, with 11 megawatt. We have a lot of other examples for how we try to make the plant environmentally friendly.