Robotics: China’s Next ‘Big Thing’

Foshan is fast developing into a major robots production centre. Fifteen years ago, the first industrial robot in China went into service in a factory in Foshan responsible for spraying glaze on ceramic bathroom accessories, one of the traditional pillar industries. Today, the robotics industry best represents the modernisation of China’s industries, and the country is set to become the largest robotics market in the world. Foshan is the perfect location from which foreign enterprises can tap into the unlimited potential of China’s robotics sector. Increasing the competitiveness of the robotics industry is high on the agenda of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. As part of the “Made in China 2025” strategy, domestic companies are embracing industrial automation, robots sales are experiencing steady growth, making this the perfect time to invest in the robotics business.


Unlimited market opportunities for robotics. Foshan’s booming automotive industry offers stupendous business opportunities for robotics companies. Moreover, the city is a central manufacturing base for traditional labor-intensive products. Local companies look to the robotics industry to upgrade product quality and deal with rising labor costs. Like their foreign counterparts, domestic suppliers are looking to increase their share in this fast growing market, often seeking partnerships to develop increasingly advanced technologies. Government incentive policies and the continued automation of production lines will only continue to benefit this industry.

Government Support & Subsidies

A wide range of subsidies, grands and support policies put in place. Utilising robots in manufacturing processes is essential to take Foshan’s industrial and technological development to the next level. Foshan set a goal of making at least 345 of the city’s industrial enterprises fully or partially automated by 2017. To do so the city government has allocated 53 million RMB of funding to support and has launched another series of initiatives to support the growth of local robots manufacturers.