The unique cultural atmosphere, the beautiful ecological environment makes Foshan, unique and rich in tourism resources.


The tourism industry is developing rapidly, diversifying the investment pattern of hospitality. By the active implementation of the action plan of the city, Foshan is striving to promote city image and city quality. During the Five-Year Development Plan started in 2011, Foshan’s tourism has created a strong city, and tourism development has made great signs of progress with different projects that will sustain a rapid and healthy growth.


Guangdong at the present is one of the provinces with the major tourism industry in the country. Foshan actively looks to optimize the structure, improve efficiency, save resources and protect the environment of this industry. The needs of leisure are growing, recreation and healthy lifestyle have become people’s first choices during leisure time. Foshan has advantages of developing tourism and will become the future hotspot for hospitality in the Pearl River Delta.

Did you know?

Foshan Guotong Logistics, a leading PRD company, opened the first bonded logistic center in the city, which will greatly contribute to develop cross-border e-commerce.