Home Appliances

Made in Foshan

Home appliances industry, as an important pillar industry in Foshan, with its output value accounted for 60% of all of Guangdong province and 15% of the gross output of national household appliances industry, the industry is rewarded as China's largest household appliances manufacturing base and one of the most complete ones in the world. The City has several industrial clusters specializing in electric appliances. At the same time, it has China's largest household appliances trading center, Huicong Jia Dian.

In the future, home appliance will tend towards intelligentization. By pushing ahead technological innovation, household appliances companies in Foshan are making efforts to combine themselves with intelligent manufacturing and the Internet, thus to complete the shifting from household appliances manufacturing company to Intelligent technology manufacturing company. As a result, Foshan is the perfect location for Foreign enterprises investing in technology-intensive projects.

Did you know?

Midea Group located in Shunde District, is one of the largest household appliances manufacturers in the world. Today, Midea group sells its products in more than 200 countries, produces 50 percent of the world’s microwave ovens, 50 percent of the world’s rice cookers, is the world’s No.1 maker of electric fans. In 2013, Midea was ranked as the 5th most valuable brand in China. Midea group is a Chinese "Global Champions" and is among the Fortune 500.

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