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Foshan is to be the centre of a machinery equipment manufacturing belt, which aims to integrate the traditional manufacturing industries of the west PRD with the high-tech advancements developing in the east. The result: an advanced manufacturing belt that will alter the industrial landscape of South China forever.

National leader in machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Equipment manufacturing is already a core industry for Foshan, in 2014, the gross output value of Foshan’s equipment manufacturing was 516.826 billion RMB, an increase of 15.6%. The city has 192 key large-scale equipment production facilities with investment totaling 88.5 billion yuan. Major machinery manufacturers based in the city include, KEDA, ANDRITZ, Caterpillar, KOBELCO, Hitachi, etc.

Integrating industries across the Pearl River Delta.

Foshan’s enterprises benefit from the integration of traditional and modern industries, facilitated by the city’s prime location and high levels of government support. Combining the heavy production capabilities strong in the west of the PRD with the high-tech industries strong in the east, Foshan acts as an incubator for new and advanced machinery production methods and technologies.