As a central logistics hub in China, Foshan is an ideal location for e-commerce activities.

An e-commerce boom unlike any other worldwide. Throughout the last decade, e-commerce in China experienced dramatic growth, turning the country into a global powerhouse in the field.

Every part of Foshan’s industrial chain is being influenced by the rise of e-commerce, from product design and development to manufacturing, sales and logistics. The local government has launched numerous initiatives to encourage companies to maintain the innovation spree in the e-commerce industry. Becoming China’s top commercial innovation zone.

Did you know?

Foshan Guotong Logistics, a leading PRD company, opened the first bonded logistic center in the city, which will greatly contribute to develop cross-border e-commerce.


Guangdong Province ranked number 1 in sales during the hottest sales day of the year, the Chinese Black Friday or "Double 11 shopping carnival" with sales of $217 bn USD taking up 12.23% of the Chinese Market. Foshan, residents spent on average $20 USD. The sales number showed and impressive growth of 43%. Although the sale numbers to local residents were impressive, they were dwarfed by the sales number of local e-commerce companies, standing at $117 bn USD on that day.