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Foshan is well known for being China’s ceramics industry center. Historically, ceramics played a key role in developing Foshan’s economy. During the 1980s, Foshan began to bring in modern production techniques and equipment for building ceramics and sanitary ware. Today, it has become a global leader in machinery manufacturing, claiming 90% of China’s domestic market share for ceramics machinery production. In rough terms, such an industrial power could translate to nearly enough tiles to cover the grounds of three London-type cities.

Leading Market Advantages

Foshan is one of the largest and most complete industry chains for the development of ceramic production in both the country, and the world. As the largest ceramics manufacturing base in the country, it has thousands of firms related to this industry. Foshan enterprises have abandoned the old methods of using abrasive and glazed tiles. Instead, they are now using polishing and antique-style tiles. At the same time, local companies are constantly exploring new methods of production in order to comply with stricter environmental regulations, positioning Foshan as a global high-tech leader in advanced ceramics manufacturing. Raw materials suppliers and machinery components manufacturers are choosing Foshan as their China base, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Talented professionals in research, development, marketing and design are abundant.

Did you know?

The Foshan Ceramics Research Institute has the largest analysis and testing center for ceramic materials in South China, a technical center for engineering ceramics and a R&D center for advanced ceramics and new materials.

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