As one of China’s seven key developing industries outlined in the 12th Five-Year Plan, the biomedical and pharmaceutical sector is developing rapidly in Foshan.

Traditionally, Guangdong’s industries centered on a labor-intensive economy. The medicine industry was based on production rather than innovation, research and new drug development. With the economic transformation of Guangdong the biomedicine and pharmaceutical industries have similarly been transformed. Guangdong is now among the leading provinces in China’s biomedical and pharmaceutical sector. The province is home to world leaders of the industry, such as BGI and SiBiono Gene-Tech.

Foshan’s Market Potential and Industrial Developments

With a rising middle-class consumer base, Foshan is set to become a key destination for biomedical and pharmaceutical investment projects. Like neighboring Guangzhou and other developing cities in China, Foshan has invested in the biomedicine and pharmaceutical sector as part of a city-wide upgrading of industries.

China Southern Biomedicine City

The China Southern Biomedicine City in Foshan’s Nanhai District, is a prime example of the city’s investment in biomedicine and pharmaceuticals. With a total planned area of 4km2, and in close proximity to the Shishan University City and Nanhai core zone of the Foshan Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the Biomedicine City benefits from Foshan’s innovative economic environment. Already established in the city are Foshan Food and Drug Inspection Office, which has entered into agreement with the Provincial Drug Inspection Office to set up a Foshan branch. Also preparing to settle here is the Guangdong Medical Animal Lab, and negotiations are continuing over the opening of a South China branch of the National Beijing Drug Safety Evaluation Centre with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.


Foshan Partners with the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health

Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GI6H) specialises in five key areas:

• Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine • Chemical Biology • Infection and Immunity • Public Health • Drug Discovery

Since 2013, GIBH has implemented more than 300 research projects worth a total of 600 million RMB. So far, these projects have resulted in 205 patents and 327 high-quality SCI publications with significant breakthroughs particularly in the field of induced pluripotent stem cells and drug discovery.


CAS-FS Biotech and Pharmaceutical Centre

Biomedical education, talent cultivation and research also have a strong base in Foshan. The Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health and the Nanhai District of Foshan City have jointly established the Chinese Academy of Sciences Foshan (CAS-FS) Biotech and Pharmaceutical Centre, a professional biomedical and pharmaceutical industry park. The Park comprises of seven functional areas:

• Industrial Base • Incubation Centre • Preclinical Drug Assessment Centre • Drug Clinical Research Base • Pharmaceutical Business Area • Health Experience Area • Living Support Zone