Redefining China’s Automotive Industry

Completion of industrial chain through cluster effect. Foshan's unique industrial structure contributes to the success of major global player of the automotive industry. The city has more than thirty specialized market clusters, each with local supply chains. Each cluster acts as a small township, dedicated to a certain industry or product. For example, one cluster specializes in automotive parts, while another specializes in automotive retail products. Industry experts have argued that it is entirely possible for Foshan to become a base for automotive production in South China.


According to the statistics, there are over 500 automobile and spare-parts manufacturers in Foshan, among which 105 are medium-sized enterprises. In 2015, the output value of Foshan’s whole automotive industry was 65 billion RMB, increasing by about 16.1%, starting to form the development pattern to focus on the manufacturing of the whole vehicle.

Where in Foshan?

Specialized industrial parks for foreign businesses.Foshan is home to a wide variety of specialized industrial parks catering to the needs of certain sectors and industries. Equipment manufacturing and new technology are key strategic industries in China. For this reason, Foshan has provided high-end facilities and a strong infrastructure to ensure that manufacturers based here receive top-quality support while expanding their business.